Nirmal Lottery Result NR 184 – Kerala Lottery Results

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Of course, gambling is a really fun way of earning money and it’s a really quick way to earn money if you know what numbers to look for. You can easily make a ton of money by just spending a little amount of money. Nirmal lottery is a part of the Kerala lottery result. Nirmal lottery draw happens each Friday and the result is announced at 3 pm.

The official result of the Nirmal lottery will be provided here today just a few minutes after 4 pm. You will get each and every detail on all the Kerala lottery. All you have to do is keep in touch with our website. Bookmark it if you want to. Because you are going to need this website.

Nirmal Lottery Result NR – 184

1st Prize- Rs 70,00,000/-

  • NP-861787

Consolation Prize- Rs 8,000/-

  • NN 861787  NO 861787
  • NR 861787  NS 861787
  • NT 861787  NU 861787
  • NV 861787  NW 861787
  • NX 861787  NY 861787
  • NZ 861787

2nd Prize- Rs 10,00,000/-

  • NS-533468

3rd Prize- Rs 1,00,000/-

  • NN-298824 NO-617572
  • NP-739845 NR-144286
  • NS-707781 NT-578619
  • NU-257233 NV-254757
  • NW-467270 NX-297982
  • NY-599029 NZ 242954

4th Prize – Rs 5,000/-

0064  0107  1198  1369  2224  2834  2968  2993  3174  3397  4551  7130  7253  7521  7784  8356  8434  8999

5th Prize – Rs 1,000/-

0517  0629  1054  1283  1355  1470  1525  1907  2402  2408  2608  2883  3539  3682  4070  4193  4497  4700  5112 5222  5273  5592  6203  6430  6455  6794  6910  7277  8426  8842  8975  9014  9560  9739  9743  9963

6th Prize – Rs 500/-

0105  0811  1382  1970  2087  2092  2168  2175  2311  2334  2347  2357  2670  2832  2873  2921  3103  3262  3330 3338  3706  4065  4256  4279  4311  4326  4367  4485  4547  4695  5003  5163  5338  5395  5583  5688  5782  5849 6080  6094  6168  6209  6827  7184  7422  7478  7677  7827  8006  8447  8460  8646  8706  8757  8798  9073  9148 9182  9273  9325  9371  9434  9486    9503  9597  9686  9808  9887  9913  9942

As we have seen, usually the people who buy the lotto game tickets are of low-income range. Thus the only way they can earn huge amounts of money in a very short amount of time is through lotto game. If you have less income, but you also want to have big things like a house, car, or you want to get married, you can easily win up to 70 lac INR. Thus, the Nirmal lottery provides opportunities for people who want to earn huge amounts of money.

Before the Kerala lottery, gambling used to happen underground, and a lot of money was not paid as taxes. Thus the Indian government decided to start Kerala lotto game to generate huge amounts of revenue for the state. In this way, the locals also get to win money and the state also gets money which they spend for the betterment of the nation.
But the problem is that with the increasing population, the amount of people with low-income groups is increasing. Thus a lot of people start playing lotto games each day.

NoLotteryMRP (INR)MRP (Per Book)First Prize (INR)Day of Draw
2Win Win40750/-65,00,000/-Monday
3Sthree Sakthi40750/-70,00,000/-Tuesday
5Karunya Plus40750/-70,00,000/-Thursday

This means that there are a lot more players who are new to the Nirmal lottery game. They do not know anything about the game or the schedule. They also do not know when the results are announced and the worse thing is, they usually do not have any idea where they will see the winning numbers.

Old days are gone where you would see the lotto game results in the newspapers or through TV. Nowadays the young population, which is the main demographic for this lotto game, doesn’t spend too much time on TV. Rather they play games on their cellphones and use the internet on it. There were also not many people who were updating people about the Nirmal lottery result today. Thus, we are here for your help.

We will tell you the time and the dates for the draw. We will also publish results here. You will get the results in PDF format firs hand. No need to wait for longer times. All you have to do is tune to this website regularly and you will get the results. We also provide old Kerala results for the lucky draws. This way you can know what series of the lotto numbers are lucky.

We will provide the result for Nirmal results each week sometime after 4 pm. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

Kerala lottery Nirmal Result Today

The government of Kerala started the Nirmal lotto game back in 1967. The idea was given by the ministry of finance. This was an innovation back in the day. No other state was doing this sort of thing. So hats off to the government of Kerala for starting the Kerala lottery game. Before 1967, as we have said before, all the private lottery games were banned in India.

This is because first of all, a lot of those ended up as scams. And second, even if they were not scams, they were not paying taxes despite earning huge amounts of money. Thus, the government of Kerala started this lotto game. Nirmal lottery not only provided the people employment but also gave people a chance to earn huge amounts of money by just spending a little money. So it has been a win-win situation for everyone since day one.

The government gets taxes which they use to make lives of people better, while winners get huge amounts of money by playing a normal lottery game. Thus we encourage people to buy Kerala lottery tickets so that they may win the game and turn their dreams into reality. Meanwhile, they also become good citizens by contributing to the economy.

Because the model for Kerala lottery Nirmal result was so good in generating money for the government and the people were also happy, other states started to have their lottery games as well, which we will also provide the data for here in this website. All you have to do is tune in to this website and you will get all sorts of help. We want to tell you that it is not easy to get hands-on PDF files of the Nirmal lottery result today. A lot of work goes behind it. So we encourage you to bookmark our website for further updates.

Nirmal Lottery Result Schedule

The Kerala lottery is a very unique lotto game. It happens each day of the week and each day has different winners. All the winners get the money. Even for the Nirmal lottery, about more than 2 crore lottery tickets are being sold by the Government of Kerala. This is just for one day. So you can imagine how much money there is in this game.
Following is the schedule for the Kerala lottery result today. You will get the timings and the day and the special name of the day.

Each day, lucky draw happens for each of the lottery results at around 3 pm and the results are officially published on this website around 4 pm IST. Just come on our website and you will get the Nirmal lottery result today 2020 in PDF formats. We provide you the old and new results so that you can see which numbers are good or bad for you. You can increase the probability of winning by buying an entire book. The price of that has also been given above in the table. There is also a special day on Saturday as you get to win about 1 Crore rupees after cutting the taxes. This is how lucrative the Kerala Nirmal lottery game is.

Special Kerala State Bumper Lottery Nirmal Result

Special bumper prizes are also won in the special lucky draws. You get to win a lot more bonus prizes in these lucky draws. These happen each month on some special occasion. The prizes for these special Kerala lottery games are also huge. You can win more than 6 Crores depending on the special occasion. The Schedule for those is also given below.

LotteryDraw Month1st Prize (INR)
Christmas New Year BumperJanuary6 Crore
Summer BumperMarch4 Crore
Vishu BumperMay5 Crore
Monsoon BumperJuly2 Crore
Thiruvonam BumperSeptember10 Crore
Pooja BumperNovember4 Crore

Venue and Time for Nirmal Lottery Result Today 

We care about you and your comfort and we have promised to provide all the details here. Thus here it is the schedule for the Nirmal lottery result. We will also tell you the venue for the lucky draw. Keep in mind that the venue and time for each fo the Kerala lottery results remain the same. It’s just the name of the lotto game that will be changing.
Kerala lottery department conducts the draw of Nirmal lottery result on every Fridays. The venue of the draw is always “C DIT studio, Gorky Bhavan, Bakery junction Thiruvananthapuram”. The draw begins at 3:00 PM and the result is officially published by 4:00 PM on this website.

You can also view the previous Kerala lottery results of the Nirmal lottery. The results will be uploaded each day at the same time. We have a huge library of the previous results as well. So you will access to all the data. The Nirmal lottery result for all the draws is coded as a number and the code NR. For example, the Nirmal lottery result for the 184th week was NR-188.

You can keep track of each week of the Nirmal lottery result this way.

Nirmal Lottery Prize Money Details

We have told you before a lot of times that you can win basically a huge amount of money by playing the Nirmal lottery game. The prize money is so huge even for the smaller prizes that you will wait each day for the Nirmal lottery result today. The day of Friday is usually considered very holy. On this day, the result for the Nirmal lottery is announced. You buy the tickets and you wait each day for the results to be announced and we will provide you for download here in pdf format.

The price of one Nirmal lottery ticket is Rs 40/-. (Including GST). A total of more than 1 crore tickets are printed in 12 series for this draw. Rs 70 Lakh is (before the taxes) is given as the first prize of Normal draw of Nirmal lottery game. This money is given to a ticket common to all series. The second prize of Rs 5 Lakh is awarded to a single ticket which is also common to all series. Prize of Rs 1 lakh is awarded as the third prize to twelve tickets one from each series. Rs -5000/-, Rs -2000/-, Rs -1000/-, Rs -500/-, and Rs -100/- are provided as lower slab prizes. So everyone is going to win at least something. You pay 40 Rupees for a ticket, even this amount is a profit. Rs -10,000/- is also provided to those tickets which match the first prize winning number but differ in series, as consolation prizes.

Benefits of playing Nirmal Lottery

There are many benefits to playing the Nirmal lottery game. To be honest, in my opinion, there are only benefits are almost no demerits when we see the comparison of the prize money and the price of the ticket. Following are some of the benefits

• The price of the ticket is low and the prize money is much more
• You can pay debts by winning the lottery
• People can also buy new things which the winning money.
• The probability of winning a prize is much more since the Kerala lottery draw happens each day.
• With the bumper lucky draw, you can become Multi-millionaire is a short amount of time
• You contribute to the country’s economy.
• The tax money also goes into charity which is also a good thing.

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