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You want to see the Nagaland state lottery result today? You are at the right place. We offer you the updated results for the lottery on time. So you do not have to worry at all. Just log in to our website and you can download the results from our website here. We will share every detail regarding Nagaland sambad state lottery result. So stay tuned

 Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 8 pm 18 June 2020

We are here as we promised for the final draw of today at 8 pm. So stay tuned as we are going to provide you Nagaland state lottery night result. The official result has been announced by the Nagaland state and now the people can check whether it’s their lucky day or not

Most of the people who buy these lottery tickets belong to the lower-income bracket of the demographics. They do not earn a lot of money so the Nagaland state lottery is their only hope if they want to have a lot of money and turn their dream into reality. But most of the people get confused about where they can view the Nagaland state lottery night results. You guys just leave it to us. We have uploaded everything and you can download it by clicking here.

We have uploaded the dear lottery results already here on the website and we have also uploaded the previous two draw results here on our website. So you can check the Nagaland sambad lottery results by just one click. Download now and get the winning numbers.

Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 8 pm Schedule

If you are a beginner or you just want to know the schedule for when the sambad lottery results will be out, just stay tuned to our website. We provide each and every detail about the results and you just have to come to our website to get to know the schedule and every other detail. We also provide you the results chart and the winning numbers formula that are VIP. They are all available here to download just one click away from you.

 There are seven days In a week and each day, there is a draw and each draw has its own timing and schedule. It’s a completely legal and quick way to earn more money. Nagaland state lottery result 8 pm is available for the download here. Each draw of the day has its own name. we will update you about the schedules and will also upload the results charts for each day so that you can download the Nagaland state lottery result from our website.

Draw NameNagaland State Lottery Result
Draw TimeToday 8 Pm
Result DateDelayed due to Epidemic
Winning Prize₹1 Crore/-
Result File FormatsPDF & JPG
Result StatusNot Announced
Download Result
Lottery GroupLottery Sambad Night
Next Result Time8 Pm

Nagaland Sambad state lottery

Each day is represented by a separate name as we have told you before. Each day is represented by an animal name. the dear lottery evening names are given below in the table. In my opinion, these names of sambad lottery are really interesting and attract more people for the gambling game.

Nagaland Lottery Result

SundayDear Hawk Evening
MondayDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Vulture Evening
SaturdayDear Ostrich Evening

Download Sambad Lottery Result today

The Nagaland state lottery office has issued the results of the draw for today’s night lottery and we have gotten the results a few minutes ago. The results are here for the download. We know that a lot of you are young ambitious people or people who just want more money for their family. Some of you might want the money for the marriage or to buy a new car. But the low income doesn’t let you guys turn all these dreams of yours into reality. There are a lot of other illegal lottery games but the sambad lottery is the only legal way you can gamble in Nagaland.

We understand that you have all these dreams and have contributed to the economy of Nagaland by buying the lottery tickets. We wish you good luck that you may find your lucky number in the lottery result chart. Here, it is the Nagaland state lottery result. You can download the resulting chart by clicking on the download button. We wish you good luck that this Nagaland lottery result may be a lucky result for you.

Old results

As we have told you before that the Nagaland state lottery results come three times a week. This is the result of the final and 8 pm result. But if you want to download the previous result charts and want to know the lucky numbers then you can download the results from here. The Nagaland state lottery result runs on the exact schedule. Its final result is uploaded exactly at 8 pm. You can download everything as we have gathered everything for you here. All you have to do is come to our website and click on the download button

Weekly Plan for Nagaland State Lottery Sambad

It is common knowledge that he Nagaland state lottery announces the result of the lucky draw each day and each day has a specific plan and name. we are going to give awareness to you about the days here on our website. The Dear lottery result for the evenings is named after different animals and we are going to go through each day here in this blog.

Dear Flamingo evening

This lotto result comes once every week. Every Monday night, there is a Nagaland lottery night at 8 pm. Right at 8 pm, the state announces the result for the Dear Flamingo Evening lottery. And we will be providing you the results which will be here on the website’s page for the download.

Dear parrot evening

This sambad evening lottery result also comes each week at 8 pm on Tuesdays. The state will announce the result and we will provide you the download link here on the website.

 Dear Eagle evening

This lotto result is announced on Wednesdays. It is announced by the officials every 8 pm on the third day of the week. The download links are available here for download.

Dear falcon evening

This is the fourth result of the night group of the results. It is announced every Thursday at 8 pm and the results charts for the Nagaland dear falcon evening lottery result will be here for the download. You just have to tune it to the website

Dear Vulture evening

This lottery result is announced every Friday. Right at 8 pm, this evening lottery result is announced each week on Fridays. Each day has a different winner or you can win more times depending on your luck. You can download the results here on the website.

Dear Ostrich Evening

Now coming to the weekend, we have the last two lotteries results, on Saturday the result comes out is Dear Ostrich Evening. It will be announced at 8 pm and we will provide you with the download link

Dear Hawk Evening

Finally, the last result of the week comes on every Sunday. This result is known as Dear Hawk Evening result 8 pm. It is announced, as the name implies, at 8 pm each Sunday night. What a Sunday night it will be if you win the lottery. And you will only know it if you check the resulting chart by downloading it here from the website.

Why use our website to check the Nagaland state lottery?

There are a lot of websites that provide you with fake data. They are all big fat phonies. All they do is provide you with fake data. Nagaland state lottery result for the evening is the final result for the day. You have a lot of hope that you may win the result this time and you will get the money and have a nice life. All you need is a lucky number to win the game. Many many congratulations to you if you win the lucky number. But to know that you must have authentic data and our site will provide you the authentic result charts.

With all the hopes that you might have with the lotto game, an unauthentic and fake data is the last thing you need and we will take care of it. We update everything on this website. We have a team of dedicated workers that run this official website. It gives all the information for the players like you.

All you have to do is the tune and get all the information you need. You can download it all. We have a huge library where you can come and download not only the new but older result charts for Nagaland state sambad lottery result. We will provide you with the newer results here on the website tomorrow at 12 pm. So do not forget to visit us again.

Advantages of Nagaland state lottery

As we have told you before that most of the people who buy Nagaland state lotteries are of the lower-income group. With the ever increasing dearness, It becomes difficult for the daily wage workers to have new things or to buy cars and other expensive things. The only option that they are left with is the sambad lotto game. They buy the lottery to check out their luck and win a lot more money than they have invested to buy lucky numbers. And everything.

The government of India has announced the buying and gambling of Nagaland state lottery tickets as a source of income and people can consider is as a potential for investing small money and getting huge returns. The following are some of the benefits that you get if you play Nagaland state lotto game.

  • You can earn a huge amount of money immediately
  • The winner can pay off his debts
  • The game happens each day and with multiple draws, a day, which means the probability for winning is more
  • You never lose because you still are winning by helping the Indian economy

How to check the result and claim prize?

By following the following procedure, you can easily check the lotto result. Just follow the instructions we have provided you and download the result.

  • Visit our website and look for the latest result page
  • After 2 or three minutes of the result published by the government authorities, the result will be available here for you here for the download. All you have to do comes to this site.
  • Now you have two choices for checking the result, one is directly through the photo of the result, that will be available to check right on the top of the site, and second is to download and check the PDF file of result
  • Now start matching the result numbers with your ticket number
  • If you would be lucky, the numbers will match with your ticket number
  • Now you need to claim the prize officially
  • Go to the official website of government and download the claim form
  • Fill and submit the form in order to claim the prize

In this way, you can easily win and claim the Nagaland state lotto result. The only thing that is left for you is to buy the ticket and win.

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