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Get the Khmer lottery result today. We announce ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ 10:35, 13:00, 15:45, 18:00, and 19:45 on every day.

Khmer Lottery Result


Result Date : 28/12/2020

ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ 10:35 

8 6 4 4 82 6 3 3 24 6 2 8 20 6 7 4 8

ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ 13:00

4 2 9 6 51 4 2 3 90 7 1 3 85 0 4 1 0

ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ 15:45 

រង្វាន់ទី១រង្វាន់ទី២រង្វាន់ទី៣ រង្វាន់ទី៤
6 4 3 3 25 0 8 4 41 1 9 0 18 4 3 6 7

ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ 18:00

0 9 8 9 55 8 0 3 81 0 3 3 55 8 3 7 7

ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ 19:45


Check Khmer Lottery Old Result

We always keep a record of all Khmer lottery results so anyone can check them in the future. All Khmer lottery results are in patterns. All results are monthly and yearly distributed so, finding any result is not a problem. There is a method by which you will get the result in a second.

Follow the described method to find an old result in seconds

How to Play Khmer Lottery in Cambodia?

But how are you going to play Khmer lottery if the Cambodian government has made it illegal? Well, this is where it gets interesting. The government has made all the private casinos and gambling places illegal but they do have national lottery games and government authorized private firms who run the lotto games for the public of Cambodia. Khmer lottery is also one of these lottery games. In this article, we are going to teach you about the Khmer lottery and how you can play it.

If you are here looking out for the Khmer lottery result then you are exactly at the right place. Gambling in Cambodia is not that easy since it has been made illegal since the Government in the late 90s. we all know that most of people play the Khmer lotto game because they want to win huge amounts of money in a very short span of time. People want easy money.

The people who are in lower-income brackets only have some ways they can earn money and the Khmer lottery is the only way for them to turn their dreams into reality sometimes.


Khmer lottery has a long history as we have told you before. it was illegal for a long time but the government of Cambodia saw profit in it and legalized the lotto games. this lotto game is taken as a form of entertainment and now as a source of making profits by the players. so if you are a local or a tourist, you can buy a ticket and play the game and win huge amounts of money from it. The Khmer lottery result is broadcasted at different times a day. The results are drawn at 10:35, 3:45, 6:00, and 7:45.

There is a law in place to regulate lottery activities in Cambodia and to ensure fair play. DreamWin Corporation is the company that owns the Khmer lottery. it got its license by using the same law that was made to help the Cambodian economy if players wanted to gamble their money.DreamWin Corporation then had a contract with Xinwei (Cambodia) Telecom Co., Ltd to give Cambodians access to Khmer Lottery online. This means that you can easily play this lottery online without getting up to buy the lottery tickets. This is the very reason that the tourists are also attracted to this game and they play it a lot. This way the economy gets a boost and people get entertainment. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Before the government made it legalized, all the lottery games were banned but now the Khmer lottery game is completely legal, its online. You can easily play it and you can also help the economy even if you are not really winning any money.

Khmer Lottery Ticket

The ticket has a huge importance in this game. The play slip is not really an official document but the ticket is. When you get the Khmer lottery ticket then it is upon you to take good care of it until the draw happens. Because the lottery will not have any signs of your ownership. All you have to do to ensure your safety is to sign at its back the moment you get it. Then the ticket is yours.

But you still have to take good care of it since if someone else has it and takes it to the company In case you win then they are going to get the money and not you. So consider it as your passport. You will get an authentic lottery ticket if you get it through an app, which means playing it through the official app is much safer. We are going to guide you with everything about the Khmer lottery results. So you do not have to worry a single bit. All you have to do is keep visiting the website for awesome tips and new updates regarding the game.

How to play the ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ :

The mode of playing ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ is really easy as its an online game. You can easily buy the tickets and the results will be broadcasted on TV. The results are also broadcasted on their official website. There were two ways you can play the ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ. The first is through a phone operator and the second is through an official app. So yeah, it’s super easy and this is the very reason the Cambodian government made it easy so that tourists may also join the fun. They won’t really have to get into any complex steps as playing is really easy and online.

Play the ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ Through and Operator

You can easily play the Khmer lottery through an operator. You will get all the Khmer lottery results on this website as well so you do not have to worry at all. So, with this method, all you have to do is go to an agent nearby that has the license to sell the Khmer lottery tickets. He will give you the play slip. On the play slip of the Khmer lottery ticket, you have to mark five numbers.

These numbers pretty much decide whether this Khmer lottery result is going to be in your favor or not. These numbers can be anything. These numbers can be your lucky numbers, your birthday, any important day that you have. Heck, it can even be your car’s registration number. The point is, that it’s you who will decide what is going to be your lucky number for the win.

We, on this website, will also provide you with how you should actually select these lucky numbers based on the previous results and on some formulas so that when this Khmer lottery result is out, it is you who is going to win. Once you have entered the lucky numbers, then you will have to hand over the money and the play slip to the agent so that he can give you the Khmer lotto ticket. He will also enter your data online.

Play ឆ្នោតខ្មែរ through an Online App

You can also play the Khmer lottery game through an online app. All you have to do is make the necessary registrations and you are ready to go. You will download the app and provide all the required information that it is asking of you. Then you will have to pick the lucky numbers. Even if you do not have a lucky number in your mind then you do not have to worry at all.

The interface of the Khmer lottery app is really easy and it is similar to the play slip you might have gotten from the agent. The app is free to download and it is available both for android and apple users.

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